Care Education Forum

Aimed at solving the practical challenges of providing hands-on, quality nursing education, we rely on the theoretical knowledge and lived experiences of care education lecturers, teachers and trainers.


The VReduMED Care Education Forum is an opportunity for experts and practitioners to help us innovate practice-oriented VR teaching and learning.


It is an expert committee of specialists in care education from the respective regions, who would like to be more involved in the project through:

  • Participating in VReduMED round tables, workshops and other networking events;
  • Sharing practical tips and examples from the world of VR in care;
  • The opportunity to test VReduMED Labs’ pilot applications and prototypes;
  • The possibility to take part in the “Train the Trainer” program.

If you work in care education and are you ready to use virtual reality as a groundbreaking teaching tool, or are already exploring the practical use of VR or AR, then share your expertise at the VReduMED Care Education Forum!


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